Lawyering : 5 simplest and fastest way to build your client base as a lawyer



Lawyering: 5 simplest and fastest way to build your client base as a lawyer

In this article we shall be discussing the meaning of the term ‘lawyering’ and then the steps, ways and strategies of building and maintaining a good client base in legal practice.

A law firm is a business entity formed by lawyer(s) , engaged in the practice of law. A lawyer is a person duly qualified to practice law, having been duly called to the bar.

The term ‘Lawyering’ being the focus keyword here  simply means the work of a lawyer in giving legal advise, representing clients and promoting the cause of justice.

Lawyers just like every other business man deals with client. The success of a legal practice depends among other things on the client base of the lawyer or law firms. Just like  a business man can only sell his goods if he has customers, same way a lawyer can show his lawyering skills if he has clients.

Also worthy of note is that just like in normal business, where to get a customer is one thing and to retain the said customer is another thing, in law practice, to get a client is one thing and to retain or ,maintain the client is another thing.

It takes a good conduct, loyalty and determination to retain a client. For a client to have confidence in a lawyer or a law firm, the lawyer or the firm must have shown diligence, expertise and good conduct. Every client wants a place where his legal right will be strictly protected, where his cause will be treated well and justice obtained for him. At this juncture it will be pointed out that a successful lawyer is not just one that wins a case but one that assists the court in quick and genuine dispensation of justice.

To build a client base is the first step to a successful legal practice while to maintain the client base is next. The same attitude and qualities, skills and techniques you exhibited in getting the trust and confidence of a client is same that you need to retain him. where after sometime, the client begins to see a negative change in your dealing with him or her, he or she either change completely to another lawyer or firm or get another lawyer or firm as a fall back plan, which is not too good.

Lawyering as a skill does not deal only with the skills of representing clients in court, drafting documents , incorporating documents and other legal services but also involves that skill of building a client base and maintaining same. Note also that it is easier to get a client than to maintain him.


  1. GOOD CONDUCT AND PRESENTATION: The first thing that speaks of you and your lawyering skill  is your dressing, manner of approach and behavior. As a lawyer you must take time to work on yourself. Look good, look gentle, talk with sense, talk less, approach people and issues with decorum and intelligence. Do not dabble into matters. As a lawyer, many eyes are on you. If you package yourself well, clients will come looking for you and not you looking for them.
  2. DILIGENCE AND FOCUSED: As a lawyer, clients come to you for a solution to their legal needs. To win their interest and confidence, you must exhibit acts of diligence, focus, determination and enthusiasm. Make them see the seriousness, focus and diligence you exhibit in your your lawyering duty. No clients wants to waste his or her time with an unserious lawyer, no client wants to rist his legal rights.
  3. BE A MAN OF YOUR WORD, BE A CONFIDANT : You should always bear in mind that one of your main duties to your client is duty of secrecy. You must be your client’s confidant. Duty of confidentiality is fundamental in a lawyer/client relationship and the law recognizes same. Do not for any reason disclose anything your client has told you in confidence unless with his express permission or where the law mandates you to do same for example where it has to do with conspiracy or intention to commit a crime.
  4. BE HONEST AND SINCERE IN YOUR DEALINGS WITH YOUR CLIENT: This is of paramount importance. No client ever wants to near an insincere lawyer. In fact, insincerity and dishonesty are gross professional misconducts. Avoid them. They are like disease in legal practice.
  5. BE JOVIAL, FRIENDLY AND CARING  IN YOU LAWYERING DUTIES: This is an attitude that will make your clients be free with you and ready to open up to you on any matter. very important.
  6. In addition to the above mentioned, the first and most important thing is to learn the various marketing strategies to showcase yourself or firm to the public. This is what will fetch you the clients and the above 1 to 5 mentioned will help you retain the clients.

Do not forget, it feels good to be a lawyer, a member of the the noble profession

Onuorah Chibuzor Michael by name, born 11th September,1990, From Anambra state, Nigeria

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